Compact Type Projects (Modular systems – containerised mills) are a unique concept developed by FEEDTECH Engineering Team. The containerised mills are developed in the early 70’s and since then many references are built worldwide. Over 40 years a complete range of highly efficient production units has been developed. Constantly upgraded to meet the latest standards in milling technology.

Compact Type Projects can be disassembled and installed to another place when needed. Zero risk of installation faults since all parts are preinstalled in our factory and the only thing that needs to be done is to put the containers on top of each other thus the installation duration is pretty short.

The production range includes feed mill capacities from 1-30 t/h feed for all kinds of livestock, as well as special versions for the treatment of raw materials, the production of specialties such as pet food or premixes. The equipment is installed in containers which can be handled as separate modules. The frame of the container is not only used for shipment, it is also the steel structure of the plant tower.

We bring modular solutions for:

  • Compound feed production
  • Pet food
  • Aqua feed
  • Soybean processing
  • Premix / concentrates plants

Advantages of Compact Projects:

  • Minimum installation time on site
  • Minimum of footprint
  • Low freight costs and easy handling
  • Complete with support frame
  • Complete with all electrical and compressed air systems
  • Assembled and checked in factory before dispatch
  • Saving on civil and building costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • The plant can be erected in a short timeframe
  • Easy to expand

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