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Double Deck Cooler

FEEDTECH Double Deck Cooler designed to cool down the hot pellets after pelletizing back to ± 5°C above ambient air temperature at the end of production process by using counter flow cooling system.

Why Double Deck Cooler?

  • When changing the product recipe, it is usually necessary to wait until the cooler is completely empty. This has been a waste of time. This problem is solved by adding an extra cooling deck, thus creating a double deck cooler. The new product can be placed on this extra cooling deck while the former piece is cooling down on the lower deck.
  • This extra deck can be opened when the lower deck has been emptied and has the same type of hinged removal system.
  • The operating principal is the same. The cleanest as no product remains once it is fully discharged.

How does it work?

Cold air flows in the opposite direction of the product flow thus cooling down the pellets. As a result, the pellets are equally cooled down eliminating the risk of damage caused by excessive temperature differences. There is a specifically modified discharge system for specific applications.

Just like The Single Deck Coolers, the cooler operates by drawing air through the product layers. New pellets are constantly fed through the inlet and discharged via a hinged system. This prevents bridging during a gradual discharge. 


  • Very high capacity, twice as much comparing Single Deck Coolers
  • Low energy consumption because of low air volume
  • Simple maintenance, Minimum service down time
  • Continuous discharge operation for optimal cooling process
  • Minimum damage to the product due to discharge mechanism
  • Full unloading the cooler, to minimize cross contamination and maximize hygienic operation
  • Optimal pellet moisture content
  • Optimal process control
  • Upgradable as double deck cooler, for quick product change-over
  • Robust design, long life


  • Cooler fan can be changed by the speed control due to environment temperature.
  • The discharge system in the cooler is suitable for all pellet types and also the cleanest as no product remains once it is fully discharged.
  • Discharge system is monitored by level and heat sensors and it is hydraulically driven. The opening and closing positions for the discharge system can be adjusted manually or remotely. (PLC)

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