Feed Compactors

To procure extremely hard pellets, FEEDTECH manufactures low energy consuming Feed Compactor. Operating Principal Steam and the liquids are transferred into a double walled housing and the mixture is compacted hydraulically in the compacting chamber. Paddles with adjustable height and pitch guarantee a homogenous mixture and a hygienic process. The mixture is forced into the compacting chamber, through three rotating rollers, where it is pressed in two conic compacting chambers. Three hydraulic cylinders accurately control the adjustable distance (3-45 mm) between the compacting chambers, which combined with a motor power of 250 kW. And it ensures optimum absorption of steam and liquids, higher pelleting capacity and excellent pellet quality.

FEEDTECH designs and manufactures two types (500×1500 & 700×1500) of Feed Compactor which are highly preferred by our customers. 

Purpose of Use

Hard pellets production consumes a lot of energy, therefore firms seek more efficient and economic compacting methods. Feed Compactor answers that need with its unique concept. Thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers, we know that it consumes less energy than an expander.


  • Improved pellet quality
  • Increased capacity
  • Extreme flexibility when choosing materials
  • Optimum absorption of steam and liquids.
  • Temperature up to 110 C ⁰
  • Up to %10 increase in liquid dosage
  • Homogenous mixing and distribution of materials.
  • Hygienic process, easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance cost due to minimum wear
  • Easy to integrate with basic operating and current automation systems.
  • Compared to double pelleting or expanding, less kWh/ton


  • Double walled housing, hatches and main shaft made of stainless steel.
  • 220 mm. diameter main shaft
  • Size-adjustable paddles with adjustable height and pitch
  • Main shaft a speed sensor, 235 cycle/minute.
  • Compacting chamber with three rotating roller-head, one stationery and one adjustable friction ring.
  • Three hydraulic cylinders with accurate read-out system.
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Main shafts are powered by electric motor
  • Transmission via V belts
  • Shear pin protection against overload
  • Large control hatches and doors with safety switches
  • PT100 heat sensor in mixing chamber and on front bearing
  • 1×3’’ steam inlet and 2×11/2’’ liquid inlets

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