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Z Elevators are used for handling a variety of dry, free-flowing bulk materials (also suitable for fine powders) either horizontally and vertically or a combination of both. Designed by FEEDTECH Machinery, Z elevator’s high load and transport capacity is a result of a customizing efficient innovation. Z Elevator happens to be a very smart solution with reliable construction and operation in severe conditions. Z Elevators’ working mechanism is like Chain Conveyors.

Why Z-Elevator?

  • Instead of two horizontal and one vertical elevator, you can use only one Z Elevator. Accordingly, one drive and one control system are more than enough.
  • Z Elevator costs one-third of an elevator and two chained elevator systems. Along with the set-up costs, it saves energy while it is up and running. Compared to pneumatic elevator systems, it saves energy up to %90.
  • Efficient lean design, entirely closed system and exclusive design offering solutions to alternate needs.
  • With the new design, Z Elevator can lift (45 m^3-220 m^3) load per hour. (up to 150 ton/hour)
  • Chained plastic panels have a standard range. Products are carried professionally with minimum friction and shaking.


  • Standard slide modules (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees’ bends)
  • Reversible chain wheel
  • Steel chain
  • Changeable plastic wings
  • Frequency control system
  • Bypass inlets
  • Discharge outlets
  • Chain speed max. 0,4 m/s

Where to be used? ​

Z Elevators can be used in many fields such as primarily animal feed, pet food, plastic, chemical industries. Including powder and granule-formed products, it can lift barley, wheat, maize, milk powder, coffee, cocoa, tea, soy, packaged or compressed products. Accurate elevating system for raw materials and products that are used in feed factories.


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Wear resistant panels
  • Sensory display with overflow hatch
  • Speed motor
  • Frequency control system

Types of Z Elevator

Check the following table comprising the most preferred 9 types of Z-Elevators designed and manufactured by FEEDTECH, which are available with varying levels of motor power, capacity and changing dimensions. You may have preferences or requirements that will be considered and appreciated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team.

Determinant factors in conveyor selection

  • The characteristics of the products or raw materials
  • The vertical and horizontal distance between units
  • The purpose of conveying
  • The capacity you targeted as m^3/per hour
  • The space & design of your production line
  • Coordination between equipment in your plant
  • Optimal energy consumption

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