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Our pellet mills have been specifically designed to stand for roughest pelleting conditions. From agricultural byproducts of the wood industry to maize or sunflower hull pelleting, the mill can achieve maximum throughputs.

FEEDTECH pellet mills are highly stable, robust and refined because of 40 years’ experience in development, engineering, innovation and production focused on quality and continuity supplying the full process from continuously feeding the essential amount, conditioning it homogeneously to the proper condition prior to pressing until finishing with post pelleting applications like coating and cooling.

While offering the most powerful and balanced design, we produce the most efficient pellet presses. Our experience in business, Netherlands-supported technology and quality in manufacturing assures confidence and sustainability. With our revolutionary patented inventions, we offer you the best quality and price.

The pellet presses are produced with a hard frame allowing direct assembly through 4 points. It is placed on the frame, right on the motor stand and with the main shaft driven by V-belts, the speed of dies can be adjusted.

The main shaft is suitable for 2 or 3 roller-system. The main shaft is punched for roller calibrating system and central lubricating system that lubricates main bearings.

The main shaft is fixed with two bearings. There is a safety pin in the press in case of overloading. With our automated roller adjustable pellet presses, we can adjust the distance between the roller and the disk, by using a hydraulic system.

Purpose of Use

  • To produce pellets as animal feed:
    -Feed needs to get in pellet form not to go off its homogeneity while packaging, lifting and distributing to mangers.
    -By combining moisture, heat and pressure on feed ingredients, a degree of gelatinization is produced which allows animals, fishes and poultry to better utilize the nutrients in these ingredients.
    -Animal feed pellets can be produced in various diameters and hardness to be used as a precious main feed in livestock and aquaculture sector
  • To produce pellets as biofuel:
    -Pellet Press machines are the most efficient devices in converting forestry and agricultural by-products into high quality sustainable fuel pellets


  • Sliding suspension system to lift dies and rollers
  • Adjustable die speed, 3.5-8 m/seconds
  • Speed sensor
  • Conic die holder and iron casting ring
  • 2 or 3 roller system
  • Eccentric roller shafts
  • 2-motor drive system
  • Manual or automated roller adjusting
  • Central lubricating system.
  • Stainless steel double walled lid, powder plate and bypass lid
  • Robust main shaft rotating on the bearings
  • Operates quietly and vibrate-free with two-stage power transfer
  • Safety switches on main lid and side protections
  • Two stage power transfer with V-belt and trigger belt
  • Sensory tracking on rollers
  • No cable needed in pelleting chambers with Wi-Fi signaling
  • Calibrating rollers at the optimum level to avoid compression during production
  • Efficient-production
  • Long lives of dies and roller lids.
  • Chance for adjusting roll range as press runs
  • Chance for adjusting roll ranges precisely
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Analog measurement system
  • 0,1 mm. measurement system
  • Safety pin in roller calibration shaft

This system, that goes through main shaft and operated by roller calibrating shaft is patent protected.


a)Fast Die Changing System:
This innovative fast die-changing system runs with bolt and nut principal. It helps to increase efficiency by decreasing die-changing time.

b)Automatic Roller Calibration System:
This system unites the sensitivity of the hydraulics and robustness of the mechanical system; thus, the roller is easily calibrated when the machine is running which increases productivity. Eccentric roller shafts, with the automatic roller calibrating system, increases the life of the dies and rollers up to 15%.

c) Roller Compression Control System:
This is an innovative technology that allows the rollers to be calibrated effectively, with no compression. Also, it increases the lives and productivity of the roller compression control system dies and roller lids. Roller Compression Control System ensures; saving in costs, fast die changing, high efficiency, also Screw died gear handle and reducer motor connected to the intermediate shaft.

d) Automated Lubricating System:
The standard central lubricating system in our pellet machines allows lubrication of central plates and rolls. To carry out the self-lubrication process, an automatic grease pump can be added to the configuration.


  • Dies
  • Roller lids
  • Roller sets
  • Trigger belt
  • Routing blades

Determinant factors in device selection

  • The characteristics and combination of materials to be pelleted
  • The pellets’ size and features
  • The capacity you targeted as m3/per hour to be conditioned
  • The space of factory & design of your production line
  • The combination between devices in your plant
  • Energy consumption
  • Device price

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