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Micro-Dosing System

High accuracy in dosing and weighing is significantly important for producing the required quality of the compound. At the same time, using the optimal and correct dose of the high-priced micro-elements in your operation. This approach not only prevents waste of money but also reduces production costs and increases the competitiveness of the producer in the market. Feedtech designed its dosing weighers for materials that have different densities and flowing characteristics are used in the animal feed industry. Our dosing weighers are capable of dose and weigh even small quantities in a wide range of products.

Up to 34 dosing cells, Feedtech micro-dosing system serves to produce line perfectly. Each dosing cell has its screw feeder and these feeders can discharge up to 3 weighers due to a variety of ingredients. When it comes to products with a lower flowing rate, Feedtech Rotary Dischargers take the work and complete the dosing process. The bins are made of stainless or mild steel with an extra layer to protect products. Large and small screws that have different sizes in diameters work together and coordinately to provide the required dosage with the best accuracy.


  • High accuracy weighing
  • Flexible formulation
  • Fully automatic controlled process
  • Dustproof design
  • Bunkers made from stainless or mild steel
  • Fin-dosing feeder for maximum accuracy
  • Precise proportioning
  • Good sanitation
  • Reliable operation

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