Molasses Mixers

This mixer is designed to mix dust feed and molasses homogeneously as an excellent admixing device of large amounts of liquid. Paddles, that fixed on the main shaft and have adjustable angles, ensure to mix the product with molasses homogeneously as bringing the product to the molasses mixer’s gate. Molasses is added at an appropriate rate according to the product amount that goes through in the mixer. The remaining time of the product in the mixer is defined by rotation speed, angles of paddles and length of mixer. The paddle on the gate is placed in the opposite direction so that it mixes and prevents the risk of product aggregation. This machine is best suited for applications where high intensity and low retention times are needed. Two types of Molasses Mixer are available according to your requirements, Single & Double Shaft Molasses Mixer.

To guarantee an effective and optimum mixing, two shafts rotate to the opposite side of each other rapidly and coordinately. With the completion of the mixing process, the coating process which is also known as the expansion stage starts to powder mixed material and unmixed ones. By this process, the materials that are brought with subsequent conveyors do not mix with the current batch in the molasses mixer. 

At Feedtech, we manufacture our molasses mixers to confirm all safety requirements and guidelines.

Features & Advantage

  • Creates a homogenous product free of any agglomerates or lumps
  • Molasses injection
  • All product contact parts are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel construction of the mixer body
  • Tubular housing with large, hinged doors for cleaning
  • High intensity with low retention time
  • Mixing paddles are adjustable to vary retention time and intensity
  • The mixer paddles can be adjusted to the shaft. The special arrangement of the mixer paddles on the shaft ensures that they clean themselves..


  • Electric trough heating
  • Heat protection insulation of the trough
  • Multiple nozzle equipment for adding liquid
  • Positioning the feeding points where required
  • Wear-resistant lining
  • Non-stick coated lining
  • Special designs for processing extremely lightweight bulk material
  • Product-adapted shaft speed

Advantages (Double Shaft)

  • Two opposing mixer shafts with overlapping paddles.
  • While Single shaft molasses mixers could take 6-7% molasses, this rate increases up to 9-10% in FEEDTECH Double Shaft Molasses Mixers.
  • All double shaft mixers from the FEEDTECH series are also suitable as conditioners for adding high amounts of steam.

Determinant factors in mixer selection

  • The characteristics and combination of materials
  • Humidity (liquid percentage) of the material
  • The purpose of mixing
  • The mixing level
  • The capacity you targeted as m3/per hour
  • The space of your factory & design of production line
  • The combination between devices in your plant
  • Energy consumption
  • Device price


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