Conveying & Discharging

Rotary Discharger

  • To obtain full control over the discharging of the bulk from the cyclone to feed conveyors, screws or mixers, the rotary discharger places under the cyclone. By providing a continuous flow, the risk of a standstill is prevented and the whole process of production is secured in the early stage. Flowless discharging from storage to feeding line is an important part of the installation of the plant.
  • For the discharging of powders or granules from storage and providing regular and smooth feeding flow to processing devices, rotary dischargers are suitable and reliable parts in the system.
  • When it is about the control of the amount of discharging of bulks, by changing the rotor speed of the airlock, powdered and granular type bulk materials can be measured in volumetric values.

From intake to final product suitable for:

Grain processing industries Compound feed industries
Biomass industries Brewery industries
Chemical industries Food industries

Where to be used?

Unload/discharge raw materials and products like powders or granules with poor flow characteristics from bins and silos.

How does it work?

An enclosed cylindrical steel housing that is included a flange secures the discharger to the bin outlet. The motor reducer equipped with shaped blades is mounted to the base with a flange and drives. Also while discharging the products, an electro-pneumatic controlled discharge slide is provided for uncontrolled manners

Type of Rotary Discharger

The rotary dischargers are available at the variable level of motor power, capacity and dimensions. You may have preferences or requirements that will be considered and appreciated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team.


  • Diameter from 600 up to 1000 mm.
  • Capacity from 30 up to 100 m³/hour, (depending on specific weight and quality of the product)


  • Additional outlets, Multiple outlet
  • Capacity regulating slide
  • Dosing slide
  • Frequency controlling on electrical motor
  • Stainless steel housing and rotor
  • Diameter from 600 up to 1000 mm
  • Capacity from 30 up to 100 m³/hour, depending on specific weight and quality of the product

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