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Rotary Sifter

Hammer Mill Sifter

Hammer Mill Sifter is mounted on Hammer Mill to extract smaller particles and thin dust from raw material. By sieving the raw materials just before grinding, the grinding process is optimized and energy consumption reduces. Because smaller sizes do not need to be grinded. Hammer Mill Sifter known as (HCRYLOC) designed by FEEDTECH, is actually a Rotary Sifter which is principally similar to Pellet Sifter (PCRYLOC) but their features differ according to purpose of use.

FEEDTECH Hammer Mill Sifter, with its durable construction and variable types with adjustability, can be exactly the device you need in your plant both for raw and processed materials.


  • Compact design
  • Versatility, variable capacity and physical specifications
  • Strong structure and almost zero maintenance cost
  • Vibration free operation
  • Capacities from 20 to 180 ton/h
  • Single screen deck
  • Double screen deck for different product sizes
  • Single drive
  • Double drive for high capacities (contra rotation)
  • Certified for ATEX zone 21/22
  • Maximum pellet diameter is 12 mm.


  • Minimum space occupies thanks to central input and output
  • Runs without vibrating
  • Adjustable sifting precision (according to particle size) with frequency convertor (optional)
  • Central by-pass system (optional)

Special Execution

  • Central meal by-pass
  • Frequency converter / variable speed
  • Lump separator
  • Pulse jet cleaning

How does it work?

  • As the product coming on the screen, rotating around its own axis, is dragged with centrifugal force on the screen, separated dust falls on lower unit.
  • For the sieving of different sizes, with a crumbler or in hammer mills, this sifter was specially designed as two-screen decks. The sieve feed of two screen decks can be rotated between lower and upper screens by an electro-pneumatic operated valve. Some automatic systems such as sensors for position feedback or compressed air for cleaning of perforations from obstructions are assembled to the sifter. By the effect of centrifugal force which is caused by rotation of the screen, it's own around, dust falls on lower unit easily.

Feedtech Sifters Benefit

  • Variable capacity
  • High screening efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Energy saving
  • Powerful and operational
  • Proper for severe conditions
  • Wide range of utilization
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Modular design
  • Simple operation
  • Easy cleaning

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