PM Single Shaft Mixers

PM Series (Paddle Mixers)
In the PM Series, the Bomb Doors that are placed under the mixing trough have the same length as doors are operated by pneumatic doors and discharge time stays under 15sc by this system. When it is operated by automatically, it is allowed 20 batches per hour.

Purpose of use

  • The range of FEEDTECH mixers, both single & twin shaft, have been designed to mix a wide range of raw materials, additives and liquids into a homogeneous animal feed mixture, within a short mixing time.
  • The Single Shaft Mixer PM Series designed to mix well-fluidity raw materials homogeneously. Comparing to a double shaft mixer, liquids have been used in limited amounts and proportions.


  • Special execution
  • Stainless steel executions
  • Increased drive capacities
  • Rilsan coating on the mixer shaft
  • ATEX22 certified components
  • Slide gate outlet

Features & Advantages

  • Mixing accuracy of 1:100.000
  • Short mixing time of approx. 120 seconds
  • Excellent mixing because of compact form and high-speed mixing
  • Discharge time of 15-20 seconds
  • Reliable sturdy construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Hygienic design because of:
  • Its round form and complete opening of the mixer outlet.Stainless steel liquid spray pipes with pneumatic cleaning function to avoid contamination
  • Easily replaceable and adjustable paddles for lower maintenance costs
  • Secure closing of bomb doors due to special lever construction, to prevent product leakage and opening, also in case of pressure loss
  • Depending on the specific features of the blended ingredients and liquids, liquid addition is possible up to 6% of the total volume
  • Accurate and customer-specific liquid dosing due to different nozzle executions

Determinant factors in mixer selection

  • The characteristics and combination of materials
  • Humidity (liquid percentage) of the material
  • The purpose of mixing
  • The mixing level
  • The capacity you targeted as m3/per hour to be mixed
  • The space of your factory & design of production line
  • The combination between devices in your plant
  • Energy consumption
  • Device price


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