Feedtech Crumblers which have two large driven rollers are made for producing minimum powder during crumbling the feed in pellet form. Those crumble rollers rotate in opposite directions with equal speed and cut the pellet to obtain the optimum result. To even distribute the pellets to the crumble rollers, a solid steel feeder is placed in the system.

Granules particle size is adjusted by changing the distance between rolls. Firm, low maintenance cost and easy to clean machines are produced in different sizes, powers and capacities on demand.

Suitable for:

FEEDTECH crumblers are suitable for all kinds of animal feed pellets to be crumbled to the desired size.

How does it work?

There is a springed roll protection system against impure materials. Large crumbling rollers with axial and radial grooves rotate at different slow paces and directions, thus crush the pellets into crumbs without powdering.

To ensure even flow to a proportioning roller which is riffled axially, an integrated control valve is used.

Also to get an optimum result, adjusting the distance between the large 300mm crumble rollers is suggested the accurate remote measurement. With automatic roller adjustment, increasing the efficiency is ensured and adjustment of the roller during the process is simplified.


  • Higher Performance
  • Hygienic Design
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • More capacity with same energy level
  • Frequency controlled dual rotation feeder (by-pass function)
  • Disk springs
  • Rollers are exchangeable from front and the side
  • 50% more revision options of the rollers
  • Easy maintenance access


  • Manually or electro-pneumatically operated by-pass valve
  • Manual or automatic feed valve
  • Solid steel feed with axial grooves
  • Housing manufactured from mild steel
  • Two solid 300 mm axially and radially riffled crumble rollers from chrome steel of hartguss
  • Steel or chilled cast iron
  • Separately driven rollers at different paces
  • Transmission via V belts
  • Accurate crumble size setting
  • Manual or automatic roller setting
  • Analogue read-outs accurate to 0,1 mm
  • Protected against impure materials by disk springs
  • Leak-proof sealed shaft bearings outside the housing
  • Control hatch with safety key
  • Level indication included

Types of Crumblers

The most preferred 11 types of Crumblers designed and manufactured by FEEDTECH, are available in two groups (HB-KRU & HBT-KRU) with variable levels of motor power, capacity, weight and changing dimensions. You may have particular preferences or requirements that will be considered and appreciated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team.

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