Feed Plant Automation

You may prefer to install an automation system for your device as a stand-alone machine or as full automated production line.

FEEDTECH offers a whole range of automation solutions, from a single device automation to a comprehensive smart factory integration.

Why Smart Factory?

Smart Factory has been implemented for many feed producers being a complete solution for controlling the entire production of a pet food – feed or fish feed line. This reliable one solution automation system has all the tools for constant and optimal quality, has faster control and runs closer to critical settings.

Automation sections

Following units of your plant can be automated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team both separately or comprehensively integrated together.

1- Raw Material Intake

2- Dosing (including micro-dosing, liquid dosing)

3- Grinding and Mixing

4- Mixing

  • Oil/Premix/Liquid adding in Mixer
  • Continues Liquid adding in Molasses Mixer

5- Pelleting

  • Conditioning,
  • Pelleting,

6- Extruding

  • Conditioning
  • Extruding

7-Oil Adding and Mixing

8- Vacuum coating

9- Cooling

10- Product storage

11- Packing

Each section can be started/stopped independent of other sections but all sections work interdependently from other sections.


  • Minimum downtime
  • Fast Startup
  • Completely integratable system
  • Proper data management & Accurate reports
  • Flexibility
  • Custom report development
  • Higher quality of products
  • Increasing production capacity
  • Low cost of ownership

What we do?

-Our engineers have firsthand knowledge of mechanics, processes and fine details of feed producing. We work hand in hand with machine manufacturers and feed producers.

-Complex process, reporting and integration requirements of modern plants necessitate usage of software technologies beyond traditional automation techniques. Software technology is our expertise. We do not use third-party SCADA packages. All our software is based upon open standards. You invest in future assured products.

-We rise your process effectiveness with work-facilitating automation scenarios to prevent human-sourced loss in all production processes.

-We turn what you desired into application with equipment working conditions.

-We do not allow to loss of time by remote connection and support.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Optimum processes and control
    -Integrated functionality for controlling the entire production of a feed mill
    -Built-in process optimization tool visualizes potential bottlenecks in the production process
    -Route planning for trucks with geographic information ensures efficient logistics
    -Settings are stored in the recipe
    -Software fail-over
  • High performance with increased plant performances of 10%-30%.
    Using Smart Factory, the performance of an active feed mill can be raised up more than 10%. Even results of 30% were achieved depending on the capabilities of the production equipment.
  • Complete integration
    Beyond industrial control, we integrate with ERP, accounting, stock control and formulation optimization systems. We also offer our own stock control, production planning and management packages.
  • Fast startup
    All process scenarios, inputs and outputs are tested in our lab before startup, minimizing startup headaches.
  • Low cost of ownership
    We do not pay license fees for third-party software; hence our costs are low.
  • Quality
    We build MCC and PLC panels with required IP class.
  • Internet
    All our products are Internet enabled.
  • Maintenance and support
    We provide 7x24 online support.


  • Developing PLC, SCADA, direction and integration software,
  • ERP integration
  • Developing MCC and PLC projects and producing panels in target IP class,
  • Consultation for choosing sensor, wire systems, electro mechanic and pneumatic tools
  • Consultancy, commissioning, process optimization for wiring,
  • Modernization of manual or semiautomatic plants
  • 24/7 maintenance and helping services

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