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Vibro Sifter

  • Vibro Sifter has various applications, for instance in the food industry, chemical industry, feed industry, breweries, etc. All kinds of bulk products like powders, pellets, extrudates can be separated into components to be classified from course to fine according to the perforation size of the exchangeable screen deck.
  • FEEDTECH Vibro Sifter, with its durable construction and variable types with the adjustability, can be exactly the device you need in your plant both for raw and processed materials.
  • The compact design and the good accessibility of the vibrator jointly screen cloths shorten downtimes and contribute excellent operational reliability in Vibro Sifters.
  • To eliminate grid and fine particles during the pelleting process, vibrating sifters are reliable and suitable options with single-deck and double-deck versions.


  • The sieve inlet and the screen area have flexible connect to each other.
  • Totally enclosed with aspiration connection & external drive system
  • Large screens & all steel construction
  • The single-deck version has two outlets (one for pellets, the other for fines).
  • The double-deck version has three outlets (coarse material, pellets and fines).
  • The Triple-deck version has four outlets (four different grading).
  • By using quick-release fasteners that are secured on the cover, screen change procedures can be completed easily.
  • Driving operation of the system is entrusted a vibration motor that works almost vibration-free for better performans
  • Applicable for: Pellets, Extrudates, Plastics, Wood pellets

How does it work?

Materials enter the vibrating screen through the inlet on the top of the screen-casing. The intensive vibrations of the screen-deck transport the different components through or over the screen to one of the two outlets. The exchange of screen-deck is very simple and fast. A wide range of screen perforations is available. 

Types of Vibro Sifter

FEEDTECH designs and manufactures 3 types (Single, Double & Triple Deck) of Vibro Sifter. There are also different versions of each type available with variable levels of motor power, capacity and dimensions. Your particular preference or requirements will be considered and appreciated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team.

Determinant Factors in Sieving System Selection

  • The characteristics of the products or raw materials
  • The purpose of sieving
  • Grading level & classification of material
  • The capacity you targeted as m^3/h
  • The space & design of your production line
  • Coordination between equipment in your plant
  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Device price

Feedtech Sifters Benetif

  • Variable capacity
  • High screening efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Energy saving
  • Powerful and operational
  • Proper for severe conditions
  • Wide range of utilization
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Modular design
  • Simple operation
  • Easy cleaning

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