DPMA Double Shaft Single Mixers

DPMA Series (Paddle Mixers)

Double shaft paddle mixers have been designing for bulk solids dry mixing in a short mixing time. It is among the most preferred mixers for its speed, high capacity and homogeneous mixing without damaging the components. The mixer is equipped with a shaft on which 4 or more paddles are mounted. The inner and outer paddles move the material in opposite directions causing the mixing. The standard version has twin bomb doors over the full length of the mixer giving quick and clean unloading. The total unloading time is reduced to less than 20 seconds, so more batches per hour can be produced, with an upper and under the bin.

Purpose of Use

  • The range of FEEDTECH mixers, both single & twin shaft, have been designed to mix a wide range of raw materials, additives and liquids into a homogeneous animal feed mixture, within a short mixing time.
  • Double Shaft Paddle Mixer-DPMA Series are used for mixing several powdery substances into a homogeneous mixture. Animal fat, water and/or vegetable oils can be added without any problem (up to a certain percentage). We strongly advise not to add molasses. Horizontal batch mixers feature a quick and thorough mixing. Even products with varying densities and/or fragile structures can be mixed into a uniform mixture in several minutes.


  • Special execution
  • Stainless steel executions
  • Increased drive capacities
  • Rilsan coating on the mixer shaft
  • ATEX22 certified components
  • Slide gate outlet


  • Capacity: 200 – 12000 liters
  • Line capacity: 1,5 – 120 ton/hour
  • Mixing accuracy: 1/100.000
  • Sliding plate (tray)
  • Secure closing of bomb doors due to special lever construction, to prevent product leakage and opening, also in case of pressure loss
  • Depending on the specific features of the blended ingredients and liquids, liquid addition is possible up to 6% of the total volume
  • Ideal for installation at low construction height
  • Efficient production process due to short total batch time
  • Possible start-up under full load
  • Nominal filling at 75% of the total mixer volume for optimal mixing
  • The paddle plates constructed out of wear resistant stainless steel
  • Bomb-door opening in the body is a 60-degree angle
  • Large bomb doors open up to under the head plates to minimize contamination
  • Beaters on the bomb-doors for complete emptying to minimize contamination
  • Steel to steel closure to prevent caking of the product and leakages
  • Drive by means of shrink disk clamping on shaft mounted gearboxes and V-belt drive
  • Synchronization mixer-shafts by Cardan shaft
  • Designed and constructed according to CE and ATEX safety regulations


  • Short mixing time of 30-120 seconds
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easily replaceable and adjustable paddles (Hardox) for lower
  • maintenance costs
  • Accurate and customer-specific liquid dosing due to different nozzle executions
  • High sealing components
  • Hygienic design because of:
    • Its round form and complete opening of the mixer outlet
    • Stainless steel liquid spray pipes with pneumatic cleaning function to avoid contamination
  • Large access door for cleaning purpose
  • Minimum contamination due to absence of dead corners


  • Weighing frame available in different materials (S235/304/316)
  • Bomb-door on top for quick filling of mixer
  • Slides on top for less build-in height
  • Pipe connection on top for adding additives (manual or with dosing unit)
  • Product contact parts in stainless steel, except for the paddle shaft
  • Insulation to prevent condensation for hygienic production
  • Frequency controlled drive for controlled start-up of the mixer
  • De-aeration piping for a controlled airflow, from bin below or above mixer, to the mixer
  • Up to 3 stainless steel liquid spray pipes, mounted on top; more spray pipes possible, on request

S Liquid Dosing Equipment

The mixer can be supplied with a spray bar with or without nozzles for liquid adding. A spray bar is either a pipe with holes, or half couplings, or with nozzles mounted. If small amounts of liquid are requested, one or two nozzles can be mounted on the top lid. A spray bar is used when large amounts of liquid are needed. The size of the spray bar and nozzles is selected according to the customer’s request. Selection of nozzles is difficult, but generally, flat spray nozzles are to be used.

The Multi-Mix paddle mixer can be applied in a weighing configuration, for control-weighing

Determinant Factors in Mixer Selection

  • The characteristics and combination of materials
  • Humidity (liquid percentage) of the material
  • The purpose of mixing
  • The mixing level
  • The capacity you targeted as m3/per hour to be mixed
  • The space of your factory & design of production line
  • The combination between devices in your plant
  • Energy consumption
  • Device price

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