The importance of Local Fish Feed industries

Fish farming industry highly depends on a local fish feed producer, thus it is both risky and expensive for local fish farmers to import fish feed. This is due to the fact that roughly 70% of the operational costs of a fish farm, arise from fish feeds. It is clear that an ordinary delaying in fish feeds import and delivery,  eans loss of the entire fish stock at the farm.

A local feed producer of high-quality fish feed thus enables fish farmers to increase the output and lower their production costs per kg. In short, a local fish feed manufacturing facility is an essential cornerstone of fish farming sector. It is essential to consider the feed characteristics for the specific species of fish and shell fish.

FEEDTECH Engineering Team & Aqua Feed Manufacturing

FEEDTECH designs and manufactures all key processing machines and offers complete aqua feed production plants for the global aqua feed industry. We offer a full range of processing machines and equipment – from raw material intake to finished feed bagging – as single unit or complete plant solution. The individual process machines offered are selected from the standardized and proven range of FEEDTECH product groups. We take time consulting with customers to ensure we fully understand customer requirements and more specifically requirements of the specific market the customer is serving. We do not promote or apply a “standard” aqua feed Plant design and each project is assessed on its own merits.

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