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Square Silo (Design & Installation)

To store grains and mealy products in warehouses, our square silos can be built according to your project requirements in different sizes and specifications. Also due to the project requirements, silos can be built with steel construction support. During the design and calculation processes, every step will be considered finically by following European standards and local regulations also. Steel components are assembled in a modular form layer by layer to create rectangular or square silo cells that enable optimum usage of the available space. Assembly of the panels supplied in different sizes enables countless silo capacity and product range.


Storage Capacity

Compared to circular silos, the smooth and flat wall silo offers up to 25% more loading storage capacity. To storing of bulk goods and saving spaces, square-shaped silos are quite a solid and simple solution.


Length, width, height, and cell layouts can be produced in every size due to project requirements. Due to its modular structure, Feedtech Silos always meet the requirements of your project perfectly. So, we start to build a unique plant from very first step, silos.


The square silos join into the system as an integrated part of your plant and build around your process such as drying, grinding, pelletizing, mixing, dosing, bulk loading, refining, coating, cleaning, and packing.

Adjustability & Easy Transportation with Modular Structure

Feedtech Silos can be easily added to the plant building with modular structure and become a part of it by connecting with stairs, wall paneling, and other parts. In addition, to save space, silos can be assembled in any place that is needed for production processes in the plant. Feedtech Silos’ variable dimensions make it possible the storing every type and size of products in the same plant,

A Wide Range of Applications and Sizes

With their flexible structure, square silos are the most efficient solution for products that will be a part of mixing or to be stored for further processes.


All parts that meet the product are made from stainless steel; other parts are made from normal steel with a coating. Furthermore, our square silos are designed so to resist all applicable forces, calculated for a sustainable existence. It is also highly robust and strong with optional coated or stainless-steel walls.

Food Safety and Isolation

Enclosed system of silos provides good protection against leaking humidity into silos or accessing of rodents and contaminating the products also cell structure separates silos and eliminates the risk of mixing products as well.

Easy Discharge

Our silos can be used without any conveying system. By a wheel loader in every condition and trouble, the product discharging process becomes easy and simple. To eliminate negative effects, each silo is produced in the size you want to fit perfectly in the warehouse.

Square Silo

Profiled Wall

Steel components are assembled layer by layer in a modular form to create rectangular or square silo cells that enable optimum use of the available space. Assembly of the panels supplied in different sizes enables numerous silo sizes and product ranges. In most cases, silo designs are related to the purpose of the silos. While the single-walled sheet causes piles, the double-walled system provides flat walls. Due to walls and cells perfect match each other, it is obtained hygienic and without gap design.

Complete Silo Blocks : 30 – 10,000m^3

Individual Silo Cells : 5 – 200m^3

Number of Silo Cells : 2 – 200 (or more)

Smooth Wall Silo

Our no-welding seams on the cells design ensure the left of most difficult bulk products on walls of silos without any remaining and make silos stronger and durable.

Applicable for:

  • Grains
  • Petfood
  • Aquafeed
  • Compound Feed
  • Premix
  • Chemicals
  • Rice
  • Seeds
  • Breweries
  • Coffee Bean
  • Flour Plants

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