Feedtech signature in the feed industry

Feedtech, which contributes greatly to the development of the feed industry in Turkey with its turnkey factories, continues to export its products equipped with high technology abroad and announce its name all over the world, especially in European countries.

Feedtech, which leads the development of the sector in Turkey with more than 50 years of experience in the animal feed and feed industry, also makes its name with the feed processing technologies it exports abroad.

Feedtech, which started its operations in 1969 and served the sector as a feed manufacturer for almost thirty years, focused on machine production since 2000 and produced licensed machines with technology transfer from Europe. Feedtech, which has made a significant contribution to the development of the feed sector in the country with its turnkey factories, today exports 70 percent of its products to many parts of the world, especially European countries.

Contributes to the development of the global animal feed industry

All of the machines used in the two petfood factories operating in Europe bear the signature of Feedtech. More than half of pet foods in Turkey are produced in turnkey factories established by Feedtech. Feedtech engineers, who evaluate each project on its own and produce solutions suitable for the needs of the market that customers serve, continue to design machines with various models and equipment, and contribute to the development of the global animal feed industry.

Conducts innovative R&D studies for the sector

Feedtech, with its feed processing technologies, as well as pet food manufacturers, farm-poultry facilities and fish farms; It also offers solutions suitable for the needs of its customers for biofuel plants and grain factories. "Feedtech International BV", which is part of the company that attaches importance to after-sales service and customer satisfaction, has been working in the Netherlands since 2013. Continuing its research, development and innovation activities with its engineers at the factory and the R&D unit that started its activities in Manisa Teknokent, Feedtech aims to expand its 5 thousand square meter production area in Manisa Salihli OSB with a 7 thousand square meter facility planned to be completed in June.